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Welcome! This is The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, the most unique and dangerous web site on planet earth. Here, within these pages, all of your most sacred societal Myths, Dogmas, Doctrines, Delusions, Derangements, and Brainwashings will be stripped to the bone and torn asunder, to be replaced by the Forbidden Truths that I shall graciously reveal.

"To keep control, we are schooled, taught, and programmed against our own natures by the fear instilled in us by grown-ups and authority figures. And it's all a lie! We are warned not to lie, that it's bad to lie, but the people who are telling us that are lying to us all the time!"----Charles Manson
Charles Manson, Charlie Manson, Helter Skelter
Every reader of this web page has three things in common: 1: You are a human being. 2: You are alive. 3: You live on planet earth. We begin our journey into the depths of Forbidden Truth with these three simple facts.

You were first conceived, then born, a human being, and from the instant that you were conceived, a remarkably evil and toxic campaign of malevolent brainwashing, unrelenting emotional and intellectual terrorization, and brutal destruction of your rational thinking abilities, including the ability to understand and recognize simple Truth, was undertaken against you, by the Society into which you were born, and it's empowered leaders. This is true regardless of what nation you were born in, or what circumstances you were personally raised up within.

I am the Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I invite you to immerse yourself in this world, in My World, in the World of Forbidden Truth.

Warning: This website contains controversial and in many cases societally condemned philosophies, proposals, and revelations of Forbidden Truth that some people, if they choose to read the texts within this web site, might find personally offensive.

You are a Visitor to this website. You have chosen, of your own free will, to visit this website. I am providing you with Access to this website, and I am also imposing Terms of Access upon you. These Terms of Access apply to all Visitors, and they are clearly outlined on this introductory page. You, as a Visitor, must read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Access outlined on this page. You must meet all of the Terms of Access requirements in order to explore this website beyond this introductory page. If you do not read, understand, agree to, and meet all of the Terms of Access requirements, you must leave this website and close your web browser, without clicking on any of the provided links from this web page.

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This is Charles Manson, America's #1 Political Prisoner, a Martyred Victim-Creation of American society, a Courageous Philosopher of Societally Forbidden Truths. For daring to publicly reveal Truths to the most lie-based society on planet earth, this brilliant philosopher has been declared the most dangerous demon in America. He is indeed Guilty of the most Unacceptable and Terrifying crime that you humans can imagine, the Revelation of Truth.

This is Forbidden Truth: A child is born into your diseased and deranged society. The child is innocent, helpless, self-loving, the child has natural instincts, the child wants to have food, shelter, happiness, pleasure. The child wants to experience Truth, the child wants to experience the pure, True, genuine Realities of life, just as any other creature would want.

But this creature is human. Born into a diseased and deranged society of humans, from the instant of his conception, he is subjected to nothing but evil, insanity, derangement, unnaturalness. Every adult human being around him is insane, evil, perverse. Because that is what human society is: Insane, evil, perverse beyond all measure.

His society deliberately sets out to destroy the child, mind, soul, and body, just as it seeks to destroy every child. Every child, born perfect, must be broken into pieces, then remolded into a twisted, irrational, insane, lie-based reflection of the adult masses of humans, who have already been destroyed and broken when they were children.

With limitless malice, this endless cycle of genocidal torture and destruction of human life, is legitimized and validated by the leaders of all human societies: "Destroy your children, just as your parents destroyed you". And at every turn, these derangements: Child ownership, child torture, child brainwashing, insane god myth ideology, societal punishment of it's own tortured victim-creations, war, legal murder, and hundreds more which will be outlined at this website, are put forth as natural, normal, sensible, moral, vital Truths and doctrine, when in reality they are so perverse and demented that words do not exist in the English language to adequately describe the degree of mass derangement upon which they are based.

Most of you humans hate the Truth with every fiber of your consciousness. You hate Truth, you reject Truth, and you cannot and will not ever find the courage to even consciously recognize, much less accept, the horrific reality of how evil and insane your society is, and as victim-creations of your evil and insane societies, you yourselves, as individuals, in your choice to accept the beliefs, ideologies, and life philosophies of your society, are.

What you have read above is a Forbidden Truth.

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I support the Free Speech rights of all human beings, worldwide, in all forums, including websites, to express themselves as they see fit.
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Many of the pages contain photos. These photos are of historically famous, public figures, and are included to liven up the web site, to show all of you the human faces of the tortured victim-creations of your societies, and to Honor the tragic lives and immense suffering that each pictured victim-creation has been unfairly subjected to at the hands of their society. All of the current copyrights that exist on any of the photos, remain in effect. This is a totally non-commercial website. All photos at this web site are either used with the permission of the copyright holder, or are assumed to be in the non-commercial Public Domain, after attempts to contact the copyright holder proved unsuccessful.

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Timothy McVeigh, Tim McVeigh, Oklahoma City bombing

This is Timothy McVeigh, Tortured Victim-Creation of the diseased and deranged American military and political system. Born Innocent and Pure, an Evil and Perverse Society malevolently brainwashed him into agreeing to commit mass murder of total strangers on it's behalf, and yet in the same breath, insanely chooses to Demonize him now, for having committed an additional act of mass murder that lacked the permission of the Genocidal American Military System.

Most of you probably think you are living a life that is based upon Truth. But what is Truth, and how have you found your so-called Truths? Your societies are both profoundly evil and completely lie-based, to their very cores. You were born into these societies, and from the instant of your birth to this very day, as your eyes read these words, you have been fed a constant, never-ending stream of lies, myths, diseased hypocrisies, deranged myths, insane rationalizations. You have been brainwashed from the moment of your birth into accepting these perverse societal droolings as constituting Truth, and have lived your lives addicted and enslaved to not merely lies and myths, but utterly toxic and evil lies and myths.

These toxic and deranged myths are extremely comforting. You have based your entire lives, your entire perceptions of both self and reality, upon the lifetime of evil lies that your society has addicted you to. You can continue to live a perfectly "happy" life, just like billions of oblivious humans have already done, clinging to your comforting lies until your dying breath. That is the safest thing for you to do, and it is not my place to encourage anyone to choose the less safe alternative.

All I can tell you is that the contents of this website, in their entirety, constitute the single greatest and most profound collection of Forbidden Truths that you will ever find. They will rock and destroy your most profound and deeply held beliefs and life philosophies, assuming of course that you are one of the tiny handful of humans who has the courage and retains the sanity and rationality, after a lifetime of relentlessly evil societal brainwashing, to recognize and accept the remarkable Truths contained within these pages, for what they are.

Do you believe in the existence of an invisible, societally decreed omnipotent being that has been given the name of "god"? Do you believe that biological creators of children have some sort of right to raise them? Do you believe that societal institutions such as marriage, child support, abortion, the "death penalty", war, sports, psychiatry, are anything less than totally insane and diseased in their doctrine? Do you believe that your society is not actively choosing to deliberately commit limitlessly evil genocide upon each generation of it's own children, in reality child-slaves? Well, this Manifesto of Truth, at this web site, will strip you of all of those delusions.

If you feel you are able and willing to undertake this dangerous journey into the depths of Forbidden Truth, you may now return to the top of this page and use the links at the top to begin your quest.

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