Animal Exploitation, Myth of Media/Journalistic Freedom, Celebrity-Based Culture, Age/Maturity Hypocrisy
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Hello. There is so much Truth to reveal, within the limitlessly diseased sphere of your deranged societies and cultures, that even this Manifesto, in it's original form, when it is completed sometime in late 2004, will barely begin to scratch the surface in terms of revealing every important and valuable Truth. But I hope you creatures realize how lucky you are to have a Seer such as myself, who is dedicated enough to devote years of time towards the revelation and dissection of the literally thousands of different Truths that this Manifesto is covering. This work, this creation of mine, deserves to be the "new bible" for all of humanity. If you creatures were sane, you would burn all of your existing bibles and other harmful, lie-based texts that your evil societies have addicted you to. Burn and destroy them, as you throw off the shackles of derangement that your species has been manacled by throughout the history of human existence. This creation of mine, this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, is the only bible, the only instructional guide to life, that humans need. I am choosing to devote years of time towards the creation of this Manifesto, despite the fact that I am firmly convinced that the human race will extinct itself. And this is because Forbidden Truth has limitless value, it is truly Sacred. It does not need to be recognized, known, accepted, embraced. The mere revelation of it, the mere creation of this Manifesto, renders me the most Superior human creature to have ever lived, during the Modern Era of humanity. Furthermore, I create this Manifesto not for humanity, because humanity, being the most inferior and diseased species of life on planet earth, is completely unworthy not just of my time and effort in creating and revealing these Truths, but much more importantly and fundamentally, humanity is unworthy of knowing these Truths. Humanity has already proven that it does not deserve to be graced with these valuable, precious, remarkable Truths.

So no, I do not create this Manifesto for humanity, I create it to bestow limitless, Sacred honor upon myself, to create an immortal link between myself and Truth. Further, I create this manifesto for cats, dogs, cows, pigs, ants, for every species of known life other than humanity, because every such species of life is not only morally superior to humanity, but genuinely more intelligent than humanity. That is correct, even the ant and the cockroach possess a greater degree of intelligence than the human being possesses. You humans are so incredibly stupid that you cannot even recognize the Truth, that the ants and cockroaches that you dismiss, ignore, and murder, live out their lives, on a daily basis, manifesting and displaying sanity, intelligence, courage, that far exceeds the maximum levels of sanity, intelligence, courage that 99.999999999% of all humans are even capable of displaying. You creatures have no intelligence. None. You have "knowledge", useless, toxic, lie-based knowledge that you use to both justify and carry out a lifestyle of limitless insanity and evil, which demonstrates not even the slightest trace of intelligence. I create this Manifesto not for the species of which I am a member, but for every other, morally and intellectually superior species of life. They do not need to be able to read, much less understand, my essays of Truth. This is because they possess the sanity and the intelligence to live their lives instinctually and naturally embracing the primary Truths of life. You creatures could spend your entire lifetimes reading/studying this Manifesto, and 99.9999999% of you would still never even come close to scratching the surface of Truth, insofar as embracing, integrating, and reflecting Truth in your own life paths, while every other species of life, despite not even being able to read a single word of this Manifesto, is able to both recognize and appropriately live out all primary Truths in their life paths. This fact alone, all by itself, proves that the human race is the single most inferior species of life currently known, by humanity, to exist.

And finally, I also create this Manifesto for the cosmic historical record. It is clear to any sane thinker that other forms of life exist, on other planets. It is hard to imagine that any form of life could be stupider or more diseased than humanity. Therefore, I create this Manifesto so that when other, Superior species of life study humanity, probe it's inevitable extinction, perhaps even extinct humanity themselves, recognizing what a blight upon the universe this species is, they will discover this Manifesto. They will see that despite the trillions and trillions of Inferiors that constituted the human species, there was at least one genuine Superior. At least one human who was brilliant, courageous, and determined enough to be able to recognize, understand, verbalize, dissect and reveal, most of the primary Truths regarding the limitlessly inferior, evil, and insane nature of the human species. I do believe that the fact that I am human myself, and yet was still able to recognize and articulate these Forbidden Truths, will impress whatever superior species from another planet or galaxy, that discovers and studies the human species at some point in the future. Personally, I am fairly confident that life forms in other galaxies are already aware of the human species, have already studied the human species, and have decided that this species is so diseased that not only must all direct contact be avoided, but it would not surprise me if these alien life forms have placed a giant "plague warning" sign around the planet of earth, or perhaps even around the entire galaxy within which the planet earth rests, just so that all alien species of life know to never even travel close to this toxic, plague-filled planet. Let there be no mistake, the human race is itself a toxic plague upon the planet of earth, all other life forms on planet earth, as well as upon the entire universe.

Okay, time to get down to business. We have four more absolutely vital topics that must be explored in great detail, in essay form, on this page. We will begin with Animal Exploitation. This promises to be one of the most lengthy and passionate of all of the essays within this manifesto. This is not because I have much if any personal affection towards animals, but rather because the scope of genocide and the limitless methodologies of both mass and individual victimization of animals, who are morally superior life forms to humanity, that you humans choose to engage in. The targeting of animals for cathartic release of rage, hate, and life frustration, as well as the use of animals as Poison Containers, is a far greater outrage, and far more unjustifiable, than the targeting of fellow human beings is. The primary reason for this, quite simply, is that animals are morally superior to humans, and their targeting by humans represents an even more inaccurate channeling of rage, than the ritualistic victimization of offspring via the societally sponsored child abuse ritual, or of demonized foreign humans via the war ritual. Any targeting by humans of a non-human species, for toxic use as Poison Containers and ritualistic victimization, must be recognized as constituting a greater moral outrage and genetic perversion, than any targeting of fellow humans. This essay will not primarily focus upon animal murder for food and sport, although of course a good portion of the essay will deal with these two specific issues. However, there are literally dozens of other forms of mass, genocidal animal victimization that you humans practice, much of which is never even considered or analyzed from any sane, Truth-based perspective, and much of my focus within this essay will be on these genocidal societal policies, above and beyond the outright massacres for food and sport.

Our next essay will be on the Myth of Media/Journalistic Freedom. I have indeed already touched upon this topic in previous essays, but it is so vitally important as well as broad in scope, that an entirely separate essay must and will be devoted to it. You must come to understand and recognize many Forbidden Truths regarding your society's media systems. It is utterly perverse and a beautiful illustration of just how incredibly easy it is to brainwash you creatures, that so-called "democratic" societies have been able to convince you that your media and journalism agencies and sources are "free". Nothing could be further from the Truth! There is not a shred of legitimate journalistic freedom within any aspect of the american media system, and the Truths surrounding this profound issue will be outlined in great detail within this essay. Additionally, the design and operational structure of all mainstream media outlets, both from a news journalism perspective and from a cultural entertainment/appeasement perspective, will be dissected. Even more importantly, we will discuss how a sane, Truth-based, and responsive media system would be structured and operated, completely free of the malevolent, fascist control of the government. No such media system has ever existed within any society in the entire history of humanity. By the time this essay is complete, all of you who are sane and superior should come to the realization that in every sense of the word, the "media" is absolutely nothing more than an agency of the government. The CIA, the FBI, the IRS, these are all direct agencies of the american government, and so is the "media". The only distinction is that your evil society admits and tells you that the CIA, IRS, etc..., are direct governmental agencies, while at the same time ridiculing and mocking the very notion that the american media is a direct governmental agency, even though this is exactly what the media is, in terms of functionality, mission, and a complete lack of autonomy as regards any issue that the government wishes to dictate/control policy and public opinion on.

Our next topic will be Celebrity-Based Culture. I certainly have mentioned and discussed, to a limited degree, both celebrities and their impact upon society, in previous essays. But the topic needs to be dissected at great length. You creatures must come to realize that within ultra-diseased societies, where governmental leaders have lost some degree of "credibility" in terms of imposing a toxic cultural lifestyle upon their citizen-slaves, they both create and then pull the strings of "famous celebrities", as a way to impose their agenda upon you creatures without you recognizing that in becoming a "loyal fan" of a superstar celebrity, you are, in many cases, actually becoming a loyal and devoted follower and supporter of your governmental and societal leadership, since it is they who are manipulating their puppet celebrity, and in turn, manipulating you. I will be discussing numerous media and acting celebrities on an individual basis here, focusing upon the roles that these individuals are empowered and instructed to play, within the toxic cultural and ideological landscape, as well as dissecting different types of operational systems for celebrity focus, such as the evolution of "talk" shows, the purposes of tabloid newspapers, the artificial celebration of lies via acting award ceremonies such as the Academy and Oscar Awards, etc..., so this should be a very interesting and lively essay, for those of you who are in fact addicted to celebrities, as 99.999999% of you are, living as members of diseased and evil celebrity-based societies.

Our final essay for this page will be Age/Maturity Hypocrisy. This has certainly been discussed already, especially within the Crime, Child Abuse, and War essays. But it all needs to be pulled together into one, comprehensive dissection. Here I will deliver to you all of the facts regarding the limitless malice and hypocrisy so thick and layered that the mind must boggle, on the insane definitional guidelines and legal decrees of childhood, adulthood, and age-based maturity. Few things on this universe enrage me to the degree that this issue does, the unbelievable arrogance of you creatures, to take a simple, fact-based issue such as "legal age" and maturity, and twist it into such lie-based contortions that it cannot even be recognized anymore, and you do this for the sole, overtly malevolent purpose of both legitimizing genocidal child torture as well as denying tortured children all legal, moral, and personal protections. This evil choice by you humans represents and depicts the ultimate degree of perversity and illegitimacy, within your species. The very specific subhumanizing label of "child", versus the title of adult, and how the child label is used by adult human society to justify and rationalize the commission of genocidal victimization upon children, will also be a primary topic of this essay.

Animal Exploitation:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a detailed, Truth-based definitional discussion of what animals are, the genetic traits that all animals have in common. We will discuss the fact that human beings match the basic definitional parameters of an animal, and yet human beings refuse to label or refer to themselves as being animals. We will discuss why humans refuse to label and refer to themselves as animals, revealing this to be demonstrative of an overall terror and rejection of Truth, with a primary motivation for this refusal being a societally induced and legitimized desire on the part of humans, to brutally and genocidally exploit, victimize, torture, and murder "other" animals, and finding it easier to establish moral justification for committing these atrocities, if they refuse to accept the Truth that they themselves are animals. We will discuss, in detail, all of the many character and behavioral traits displayed by animals, which prove beyond all doubt that they are both morally superior and more worthy of existing and continuing to exist as a species, than human beings. We will list and discuss the dozens of different ways that the human species proves, on a daily basis, that it is the single most diseased, inferior, dysfunctional, pathetic, and perverse species of life on planet earth. We will discuss the fact that the human species has a direct, overt, and severely negative/harmful impact upon the well-being of every single other species of life on planet earth, and why this fact proves that the human species does not deserve to continue to exist. We will discuss the fact that if the human race was truly intelligent and moral, but unable to reform and reverse the genocidally harmful daily impact that it is having upon all other species of life, it would voluntarily choose to extinct itself, as an act of moral atonement and solidarity with it's fellow animals.

We will move on to an extremely lengthy and detailed discussion of many different ways that humans genocidally victimize animals, beginning with a detailed listing of all of the specific methods of victimization. These will include: The mass murder and eating of animals for nutrition and because humans find the flesh/meat tasty, the mass murder and serial killing of animals as a sport, the murder and abuse of animals as a method of Poison Container usage, as outlets for the suppressed and misdirected rage of humans, the unnatural domestication of animals against their will by humanity, the keeping of animals as subhuman slaves who are forced to amuse and appease their owners, via the "pet" ritual, the official designation of animals as being subhuman, thus decreed worthless and available for whatever exploitation and victimization human society wishes to impose upon them, the use of animals as slave laborers via such jobs as law enforcement, bomb and drug detection, sheep herding, etc..., the imprisonment and legal murder of animals who cannot find a human willing to care for them, via the insanely misnamed "animal shelter" system, the insane ritual of selective and unnatural breeding of animals by humans, for the purpose of satisfying human aesthetic desires that have no legitimacy, the mass spaying and neutering of animals against their will, the torturous and homicidal use of animals as expendable objects in medical, drug, and product research testing and development. All of these forms of mass and genocidal animal abuse/torture/murder by humans will be dissected, discussed at length, and revealed to be totally and completely unjustifiable. Regarding the issue of eating meat, we will discuss, among many other things, the fact that human beings do not need to eat meat to live and be healthy, along with the fact that human beings are the only animal that uses artificial implements to kill fellow animals for food. This constitutes demonstrative proof that it is unnatural for human beings to either kill or eat any animal using any type of artificial implement, anything other than their bare hands, feet, and body, such as a gun, knife, stick, etc..., to kill the animal. We will discuss the insane notion that "hunting" can be a legitimate sport, and reveal the fact that all hunters are either homicidally enraged, or totally brainwashed societal slaves. We will discuss the fact that regardless of whether an individual "pet" dog, cat, etc..., may be quite happy and may be receiving proper care and affection from a human being as a pet, the actual process of unnatural animal domestication that humans have the unmitigated gall to choose to commit upon animals such as the dog and cat, is genocidally harmful and unjustifiable. We will discuss the fact that all pets, simply by being labeled with this subhumanizing term and forced to live as owned slaves, are officially decreed to be worthless, as a core ideological mandate of human society, just as is the case with all human children. We will discuss the factual reality within which all pets, just like all children, are decreed by society to have an obligation and a primary purpose of meeting and satisfying the emotional needs, obsessions, and dysfunctions, of their human "caretakers". We will discuss the perverse hypocrisy that is involved with humanity decreeing that slavery is morally wrong and no human being should be sold for money to any other human being, as a piece of property, and yet in the same breath decreeing that the monetary sale of animals is not only perfectly legal, but absolutely necessary and a vital part of the diseased cultural/economic system, even though animals are morally Superior to human beings and under any sane perspective, their monetary sale as object/slaves should be recognized as being more morally perverse and unjust, than the monetary sale of human beings. We will discuss the perverse fact of human beings labeling animals as being "subhuman", for the primary purpose of morally sanctioning their mass, genocidal victimization, when the reality is that all human being are morally inferior animals themselves. We will discuss the outrage of human society having the gall to force animals into the human labor market and economic exploitation system, to work as uncompensated laborers in the performance of activities that are completely unnatural to the animal. We will discuss the fact that "animal shelters" are in fact perfectly akin to nazi concentration camps in terms of their design and structure, and that the notion that any human society has any right to even harm, much less murder even a single animal, based upon the animal's age, temperment, or an inability to find a human willing to assume the task of caring for the animal, is ludicrously malevolent. We will discuss why human manipulation of animal breeding, such as creating "purebreeds" and deliberately matching different breeds for mating in order to create hybrid animals, is many times more outrageous and perverse than human cloning could ever be. We will discuss the very popular rituals of spaying and neutering, committed upon animals by people who claim to "love" them, as being demonstrative of the supreme level of actual contempt and scorn that even "loving" pet owners have for their subhumanized animal slaves. The use of animals by humans in medical research, medical treatment, drug and other product development for human purposes/desires, will be revealed as constituting a far greater and more severe atrocity than the use of human beings for these purposes, based upon the fact that human beings, at least in theory, have the ability to refuse to consent to being so victimized, while morally superior animals are unable to even try to demand that their rights to health, safety, life, and proper treatment, be respected and honored.

We will discuss other types of genocidal animal abuse, such as the display of animals in cages at zoos, for humans to gawk at. It will be revealed that a primary purpose that zoos serve, is to make humans feel themselves to be superior to animals, and lucky to have been born human. We will discuss the fact that the entire design structure of both zoos and circuses, is intended to exploit, use, victimize animals, for the pleasure and benefit of humans, with the perverse issue of monetary gain being at the heart of the malevolent enterprise. We will discuss why a solid majority of you diseased creatures prefer dogs as pet-slaves, as opposed to cats, focusing upon the plague of self-hatred that afflicts you humans, and the fact that dogs are more willing to display constant love and affection towards humans than cats are, thus they are more useful to humans who are unable to love or value themselves and are desperately seeking to obtain constant expressions and demonstrations of love from other creatures. We will discuss the perverse societal rituals of horse and dog racing, animals being forced to physically harm/cripple themselves for the amusement of humans, and to satisfy their gambling addictions. We will discuss how and why cockfighting came into popularity, serving the exact same purpose as human boxing serves, for enraged human torture victims who are desperate to release and relieve their rage without having to resort to committing physically violent/illegal attacks on fellow humans, themselves. We will discuss one of the most outrageous forms of animal genocide of all, the use of animals as "soldiers" by governments, within the insane war ritual, examples of this perverse practice will be detailed, such as the use of homing pigeons to send messages during world war 2, the use of dogs to try and pick up "enemy" scents, the sending of dogs into enery territory where mines are suspected to be buried, attempts by the CIA to wire cats with listening devices for spying purposes, etc... Finally, we will discuss the ritualistic murder of animals as sacrifices to god, yet another demonstration of the proof of the limitless nature of human inferiority

We will discuss at length why it is not accurate to say that animals are simply "instinctually" or naturally superior to humans, but in fact the term "morally superior" is extremely appropriate, accurate, and must be applied. Numerous examples of this moral superiority will be provided, including the fact that animals are not addicted to insane myths like a god creature existing, animals do not engage in the systematic and deliberate victimization of their offspring, animals do not base their lives around false and invalid ideology, animals do not construct nor do they embrace the brainwashing efforts of other members of their species, nor do they consistently suppress and misdirect their True emotions, as humans do. We will discuss additional invalid rationalizations/excuses, above and beyond the general subhumanization of animals, that you humans embrace in order to create an illusion of moral justification for the genocidal victimizations that you choose to inflict upon animals, including the totally bizarre notions that human beings are somehow superior to animals. We will discuss the fact that instead of malevolently imposing their toxic will upon animals, humans would be taking a rather significant step forward towards sanity, if they recognized and sincerely tried to emulate and copy the Superior examples of behavioral and ideological sanity that animals possess and demonstrate. We will discuss the fact that every animal has a personal autonomy and individual rights that are more legitimately valid than the claim of a human being to personal autonomy and individual rights is, therefore no violation of these rights by humans, against any animal, can ever be justified.

We will discuss the "Planet Of The Apes" series of movies, focusing upon the extremely insightful, courageous, and even brilliant message of Truth that this particular movie series provided, delivering a metaphorical revelation of the True fate that deserves to befall humankind, namely, to be toppled from it's position of worldwide, genocidal species bully by one of it's victims, and subjected to the same types of torturous injustices that it has historically and continues today, to choose to inflict upon morally superior victim species. We will discuss the "animal rights" movement that a few select humans choose to embrace, focusing upon the utterly anemic efforts of this movement, and the fact that it primarily consists of human beings who may well possess benevolent feelings towards animals on a personal level, but as far as their efforts to reform genocidally malevolent societal policies of animal victimization, they are simply trying to assuage their guilt and deny their responsibility, in being members of and living as members of the most genocidally evil species of life on planet earth, and most are completely unable and unwilling to even begin trying to face up to the dozens of different types of animal genocide that their societies practice and commit, in their names. We will discuss the insane hypocrisy of human claims to be pursuing conservation policies, and trying to protect/save animals from extinction, because the ongoing reality is that humans, throughout the entire Modern Era, have chosen to engage in the most vicious forms of deliberate genocide that they could possibly come up with, targeting animals and killing them in such a way that any rational thinker knew would eventually lead to a massive population decline resulting in the likelihood of extinction. We will discuss the even more deranged human policies regarding the labeling of certain animals as being "endangered", and their placement on "endangered species" lists that are designed to temporarily try to put a stop to their ongoing mass murder, just before they become totally extinct, but only until the population of the species rises slightly, at which point they are removed from the endangered species list and their mass murder is officially authorized once again. We will discuss the incredible degree of homicidal rage and contempt for morally superior life forms, that this insane policy demonstrates, and how it represents pure immorality via a blatant, glaring, undeniable scorn and contempt for the value of the life of any individual animal. We will discuss the fact that your evil societies have this same utter contempt for the life of every individual human child as well as every ordinary citizen-slave, but cloak and conceal, as best it can, this pure immorality as regards human life, only allowing it to be clearly and undeniably obvious with regard to the lives of subhumanized animals.

We will discuss the actual extinction of animal species, and the direct role that humanity has played in causing most extinctions that have occured within the past 50,000 years. We will discuss the extinction of the dinosaurs as well, and consider whether or not it is likely that humans caused that extinction. We will discuss the issue of whether the human race should have already become extinct, recognizing the undeniable Truth that humanity certainly deserves to be extinct, but focusing this discussion on possible reasons for why, despite not deserving to exist as a species, the human race has not yet become extinct. We will discuss the theory of genetic mutation, involving brain knowledge and adaptability, rather than intelligence or sanity, as a way to explain why the human race has avoided extinction thus far. We will discuss and dissect the joyous Truth, that the human race is in fact destined to extinct itself, and that within the past 100 years alone, tremendous strides have been made, strides that are much larger and came far quicker than ever before in the history of humanity, to indicate that this inevitable extinction is close at hand, and may even dawn within our own lifetimes. We will discuss the fact that children and other Superior human beings who are victims of extreme torture at the hands of human society often are able to form extremely powerful bonds of personal identification with and affection for animals, based upon a Superior sense of mutual suffering and empathy. I will include and discuss one of Charles Manson's absolutely brilliant quotes here, in which he describes how he managed to reach out and communicate/express his own lifetime of personal distress and suffering to terrified and victimized animals, calming them and winning their deserved trust, simply by expressing his True Reality to them, in a way that no animal "trainer" or other animal expert could have ever done, due to the lack of emotional Truth that characterizes the behaviors of 99.999999999% of you inferiors. Charles Manson, as a Superior example of humanity, was able to figure out how to form a genuine bond of love and affection with animal victims of human society, despite being a human being himself, and most remarkably, to figure out how to let these animals know that he was their soulmate and a fellow victim of human society. We will discuss why Superior and highly insightful victims of severe abuse instinctively gravitate towards animals as opposed to humans, in terms of sharing emotional distress, sharing empathy, and trying to form positive emotional connections, based upon a recognition of the fact that humanity is diseased and evil, and no human being can or should ever be trusted or relied upon. We will discuss the fact that animals are more intelligent than, and intellectually superior to human beings, focusing upon the issue of application, meaning that the only accurate measure of intelligence is how a creature is able to and chooses to, apply the intelligence that they possess, within the day to day lifestyle and ideological life path choices, that they make. We will discuss the toxic nature of knowledge, inappropriately applied, as compared to superior intelligence, appropriately applied, and examples of both will be provided, including a discussion of how and why human knowledge concerning the nature and ramifications of death, in no way translates into intelligence, and in fact provides a perfect example of the horrifically toxic consequences of obtaining/possessing knowledge but lacking all ability to integrate and apply the knowledge in an intelligent, or even sane, manner. We will discuss why all currently accepted definitions of intelligence, as well as intelligence measuring tools such as IQ tests, are completely flawed and invalid, and how the Superior nature of animal species proves this to be the case. We will conclude with a very detailed and comprehensive outline of the many major and complete reforms regarding animal treatment, that any sane society must immediately implement if it seeks to continue to legitimately exist. First and foremost, human beings must not only terminate all victimization of animals, but further, must recognize and accept the obligation that they bear, as a species, to treat animals as being their moral superiors. All necessary reforms will of course be comprehensively discussed, with all reform details provided.

Danny Harold Rolling, serial killer
This is Danny Harold Rolling, Tortured victim-creation of the most evil and diseased society that currently exists in the 21st century, the united states of america. One of the things that I find more perverse and evil about your society, is the fact that you insanely assume that it is possible that some seekers of personal vengeance through murder, are not victims of abuse. You demand "proof" from the torture victim, and if he refuses to affirm the fact that he was tortured as a child, or even claims to not have been abused as a child, as many such torture victims will do, because they are emotionally terrified of facing up to their own torment, and in some cases completely unable to do so on a conscious level, you evil haters of truth declare that your own torture victim must not have been abused. You proclaim, "Look, if he was really abused other people would come forward to confirm witnessing his abuse", or "Look, if he himself says that he was not abused as a child, there is no reason for us to assume or believe that he was abused." This is utterly outrageous! Let it be perfectly clear, each and every seeker and claimer of personal vengeance through violence, was and is a victim of severe, ongoing abuse, that society is responsible for inflicting and having allowed the victim to suffer. The notion that any such victim needs to admit to having been abused, much less provide some type of proof that he was abused, represents the ultimate in Truth-rejection and hypocrisy. The mere fact that an individual human being chooses, on his own, to undertake and commit dynamic acts of deliberate violence in which fellow human beings are targeted, constitutes effective proof that this individual was and is a victim of severe abuse.

I have chosen to preface my commentary on Martyr Danny Rolling with the above, because Danny has demonstrated the ultimate in courage and love of Truth. Unlike a majority of tortured victim-creations of your society, Danny has found the courage to come forth and publically reveal, publically discuss and disseminate some of the details of his torturous childhood, the tortures inflicted upon him by his legal slaveowners, under the direct authorization and auspices of your society. If you creatures had even the tiniest shred of moral decency, not only would you fall to your knees and offer up your life to Danny as an act of atonement, as well as beg his forgiveness, you would also unconditionally embrace the Truth, that all so-called "criminal" killers are victims of severe childhood torture, equivalent in severity to the torture inflicted upon Martyr Danny, regardless of whether they possess the personal courage and Superiority that Danny demonstrates, in discussing and revealing the details of his childhood torment. How dare you demand "evidence" from your own torture victims, that they were in fact tortured. How dare you seize upon the terrified claim of an emotionally crippled torture victim who, lacking Martyr Danny's courage, says he was not seriously abused as a child, to delude yourselves into thinking/feeling that you and your society are not genocidally evil in your treatment of your child-slaves! Martyrs like Danny must be held up as examples of universal Truth. His childhood torture represents the torture of every child-victim of society, of every child who goes on to kill others, to kill himself, to abuse/victimize others, to abuse/victimize himself. Accept the validity of this Universal Truth, you cowardly hypocrites!

I have decided not to provide extensive quotes from Danny, in which he details his torturous childhood as well as his remarkable life philosophies. Why not? Because several very good books have been written by and about Danny, including one autobiographical book in which Danny gets to express his true reality in as complete a manner as he chooses. Especially since that book is still in print, it would be unfair of me to offer up the limited number of quotes that space considerations restrict me to, here. Martyr Danny deserves to have each and every one of you creatures purchase his book, and immerse yourselves completely within the remarkable saga of pain, torture, rage, hate, and vengeance that Danny courageously expresses to the world. The remarkable book I am referring to is: The Making of a Serial Killer: The Real Story of the Gainesville Student Murders in the Killer's Own Words, by Danny Rolling and Sondra London, ISBN #0-922915-40-7. Within any sane society, every single "criminal" would not only be encouraged to write their autobiography, but would also receive monetary inducement from the government, direct payments of thousands of dollars, in exchange for agreeing to write their autobiography. These autobiographies, such as Danny voluntarily chose to write, would be recognized as treasures of Truth, windows of precious enlightenment, that serve to expose the True, toxic nature and structure of human societies and governments. These would be the "bibles" that you creatures study, as you attempt to reform your genocidally evil and insane societal structures. There is no book in existence today, none, that is as valuable as this autobriography by Danny Rolling. The Truths revealed within the content of this book, if recognized and embraced by humanity, would literally save the human race from extinction. But no, you pathetic creatures ignore and dismiss all Manifestos of Truth, such as Danny has provided to me, and that I am providing to you right here, in creating this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. You go much further, actively trying to stop and prevent your torture victims from revealing Truth to you, because you find all such Truth terrifying and unbearable. You not only refuse to directly pay money to these Martys in exchange for their gracing you with Truth, but you desperately try to block the ability of "criminals" to arrange the private sale of their brilliant, courage creations, using the judicial system and the insane notion that a "criminal must not profit from his crimes", when the reality is that your entire economic system of capitalism is nothing more than a single, gigantic criminal enterprise that harms billions of human beings, unlike the "criminal", who has harmed only a handful of human beings, at most. Let it be perfectly clear, you do this because you hate Truth, you hate any creature who dares to impose Truth upon you, and you will stop at nothing to destroy any creature who tries to express/deliver Truth to you. Serial killers represent Forbidden Truth by their very deeds. Their life actions prove and express the ultimate Forbidden Truth, which is: Your society and government, with uter malice and immorality, chooses to legalize, legitimize, sponor, encourage, and celebrate the genocidal torture of children born into your society. It is this Forbidden Truth that the serial killer, without saying a single word, reveals. You creatures demonize and seek to destroy him for daring to reveal this unbearable Truth to you, even as you desperately reject, on a conscious level, the factual reality of this Truth. If such a killer dares to go further, to try and verbally or in writing express this Forbidden Truth directly, that he has already revealed via his actions, it becomes that much more difficult for you to desperately reject this Truth, and so you insanely and maliciously seek to silence your Martyr, to prevent him from writing/publishing a book, to prohibit him from gaining regular access to any major media outlet, to keep him hidden, locked away, just as you desperately keep all of the Truths of life hidden and locked away, via insane rejection and dismissal. Ultimately, you seek to murder your Martyr, to destroy him and at the same time to destroy the Forbidden Truths that he represented and in some cases tried to overtly express in words or writings.

I don't think any of you can ever realize the contempt that a Superior such as myself feels for you, or come to recognize just how incredibly insane, inferior, evil, you creatures are. The words "insane, evil, inferior", are too mild, they do not accurately express the depth of your depravity. There are literally no words in the english language that would do justice, in terms of describing the True nature of you creatures. Even though I will not be including any of Danny's direct quotes here, I can tell you that Danny's father was a tortured victim-creation of american society and the insane military system of america, and cathartically expressed his suppressed rage directly upon his Sacred Family Unit members, exactly as instructed to do by his society, viciously assaulting and torturing his wife, his child-slaves, and of course slave Danny, throughout his entire childhood. His insane, torture victim father was in fact employed as a police officer, a cop, a pig, empowered to enforce societal law, throughout the entire orgy of torture that he inflicted upon Martyr Danny, even directly using his job as a cop to inflict some of his tortures, such as throwing Danny into a prison cell for a week, illegally, with the help of his fellow pigs. Danny mother beautifully followed all of society's genocidal child-slave and Sacred Family Unit mandates. She allowed her owner, her husband, to torture her, she never lifted a finger to try and help slave Danny as her own owner, her husband, tortured him, she never betrayed her owner, her husband, in terms of informing any outside sources that her husband was torturing her helpless child. No, that would constitute a betrayal of Sacred Family unit mythology. So here you have it, Martyr Danny was raised in the "perfect" family. Both father and mother fulfilled their parental duties exactly as taught and instructed to do by your limitlessly evil and insane society. So brutally tortured was Martyr Danny that at age 13-14, he tried to murder himself. You Truth-haters mislabel this action as "suicide". Thankfully, Danny had just enough self-love left within his tortured True Reality, to pull back from his own act of self-murder, and to begin to find the internal strength to properly direct his rage and hate, outward. That is all I have to say, you creatures only deserve one tiny quote of Truth from Martyr Danny, which is printed below. But if you want to immerse yourselves in the autobiographical True Reality of Danny, the remarkable Truths that he graces humanity with, simply purchase or otherwise obtain the above titled book.

"If only I could bend back the hands of that ageless clock and change the past. Ah, but alas, I am not the keeper of time, only a small part of history and the legacy of man's fall from grace."------------------Danny Harold Rolling.

Myth of Media/Journalistic Freedom

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a very detailed definitional discussion of what the media is and what journalism is, first focusing upon the invalid societal definitions and usages of these two entities, renouncing these illegitimate definitions/usages, and revealing what the actual, Truth-based valid purposes that the media and the journalism profession would serve, within a sane societal system. We will discuss the differences as well as the similarities between news media and entertainment media, insofar as their design structure and mandated societal mission/function, revealing that all forms of media are specifically lie-based, empowered to only deliver lies and malicious manipulation of human perception, to all citizen-slaves. We will discuss the fact that the similarities between news and entertainment media, far outweigh the few superficial and non-important differences that exist. We will discuss the manner in which ultra-diseased societies deliberately and with malice aforethought choose to meld and mix together their news and entertainment medias, for the purpose of making it impossible for citizen-slaves to distinguish when they are being brainwashed via the entertainment media, which they know is not Truth-based, and when they are being brainwashed by the news/journalism media, which they have been falsely deluded into believing to be Truth-based. We will discuss the very important differences between societally legitimized media, also known as the "mainstream" news media, and societally ostracized and marginalized news media, which is labeled as being unreliable and untrustworthy, even though the Truth of the matter is that whatever scraps of genuine journalistic Truth are revealed within a society, almost always come from societally ostracized and marginalized news media sources. We will discuss the fact that all "mainstream" media outlets within ultra-diseased societies, operate as direct agencies and representatives of the existing government, in a purely fascist fashion, and this Truth actually applies even more sweepingly within so-called "free democracies" that ridiculously claim to have a free and open press/media/journalism system. We will discuss the fact that in reality, every single mainstream news media outlet within an evil society like america, is under the direct and complete control of the government, and we will outline the various methods of misdirection and outright lies, that the government employs to conceal this fascist Truth.

We will discuss, at length, the very specific societal creation and empowerment of journalistic celebrities such as Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dear Abby, Ann Landers, Jerry Springer, and others, for the very specific purpose of promoting and legitimizing toxic social agendas, on a mass scale, to various groups of citizen-slaves. We will discuss the fact that all news anchors and reporters, who have nationwide access to the public on a daily or regular basis, are terroristically compelled, both by the government itself and by their more immediate bosses, who are themselves under the control of the government, to deliver not Fact and Truth-based reporting of news, but to deliver and legitimize as Truth, governmental propaganda, lies, and manipulation of public attitudes and lifestyle choices. We will discuss how and why the capitalistic economic system, in and of itself, when combined with the pathetic, Truth-hating nature of you humans, guarantees that no mainstream media outlet can ever or will ever attempt to provide Truth within it's news media/journalism operations. We will discuss the fact that all mainstream media sources are beholden and under the control of both the government and the economic system. Since you citizen-slaves agree to only financially support those things that your evil society instructs you to support, and because you hate all Truth, every mainstream media source is totally beholden to and at the mercy of the government and by proxy, you citizen-slaves. In order to continue to exist within any capitalistic society, every mainstream media source must cater to every demand, to every desire, and to every order that they are given, by both the government and by you the public, in terms of never revealing any type of genuine or important Truth. We will discuss the fact that within the news media system, the only place where there is ever any possibility of Truth being delivered, is the so-called "editorial" section or portion. We will discuss how the editorial sections of newspapers and other mainstream news media are specifically used to deliver governmental propaganda, and yet occasionally there are some important Truths delivered as well, but the problem is that by labeling these particular writings as editorials, whatever Truth-based value a particular editorial may have is completely delegitimized, because society decrees such news reporting to constitute not Truth, but merely the opinion of the author. We will discuss the fact that the news media and all societally legitimized journalists have absolutely no mandate to deliver factually accurate or Truth-based reporting/news. In fact their mandate is exactly the opposite, to deliver factually inaccurate, deliberately misleading, extraordinarily biased and hypocritical reporting, that has no basis whatsoever in genuine Truth. We will discuss the fact that so-called free democracies are structured in such a way that in most cases, the government itself does not need to terminate the ability of any media source to actually publish and broadcast, because it is able, via the capitalistic system, to rely upon you, the citizen-slaves, to financially terrorize and coerce all mainstream media sources into withholding all Truth and delivering a constrant stream of governmental propaganda, because this is what you Truth-hating creatures seek and demand from the media. We will discuss the fact that this makes maintaining the illusion of the press being "free", much easier for your evil governments. We will discuss the fact that despite the almost perfect job that you creatures do in terms of getting your news media to withhold all Truth from you, the government still maintains multiple layers of safeguards, such as the FCC, Federal Communications Commission agency, to assure that just in case any mainstream media outlet ever does try to subvert governmental propaganda and deliver Truth, it can be immediately shut down, exactly as is the case under the most communist, socialist, and totalitarian forms of government. We will discuss the fact that the only way that any news/journalism source can survive, can attain legitimacy within society, as well as retain that legitimacy once it has acquired it, is to agree to report lies, myths, hypocrisies, and constant governmental propaganda, as constituting Truth.

We will discuss the fact that all mainstream journalists live as members of society themselves. In point of fact, they are incredibly beholden to their society, much more so than the average citizen-slave, because the retention of their very job, which pays an extremely robust salary, is totally dependent upon their disseminating the news in such a way that meets with the approval and satisfaction of the leaders of their society, as well as the brainwashed citizen-slaves of their society, who are addicted to societal lies, myths, and brainwashings. We will discuss the fact that journalists themselves, are addicted to the very same toxic societal rituals, beliefs, brainwashings, and false rationalizations/ideologies as the general public is, and therefore even if they "wanted" to deliver the news in a Truth-based manner, they lack the intellectual ability and independence of thought, to even recognize, much less report to others, the Truths of their news that occurs within their societies. We will begin to discuss various reforms to the perverse current journalism and news reporting structure, that any sane society would undertake, including having all news reporting within a society done by foreigners, people who live as members of a foreign society, that is operationally different. We will discuss why this type of "detached" news/journalism would allow for at least some Truth to be delivered by the journalist, primarily because he would not be under the fascist control of the very government whose news events he is reporting on, but also because he himself, as an individual, would not be perversely addicted to the specific toxic lies, myths, and brainwashings of the society that he is reporting on, although there would still be problems in delivering Truth due to the fact that the foreign society that he is a member of, has it's own set of toxic lies, myths, and brainwashings that he likely remains addicted to. We will discuss why the most accurate, Truthful, and valid reporting of news events would have to be done by a member of a different species, a creature who is not human, perhaps a creature from another planet, because such a creature would be free of the toxic biases and genetic inferiority/perversity that afflicts all of humanity. We will pull back this discussion a bit, to the issue of how to accurately define the term "news", and to determine what types of events, actions, rituals, constitute genuine news and are in fact journalistically newsworthy. We will discuss the fact that approximately 85% of all the content of "news broadcasts" on television, does not in fact constitute news of any kind, but pure governmental and cultural propaganda. Numerous examples of this Truth will be provided, such as sports reporting, presidential news conferences and sound-bites, etc... We will discuss the fact that when governmental leaders "make news" via their public statements or attempts to change existing policies/laws on any issue, what they are in fact doing, 99% of the time, is delivering propaganda, which the media then perversely chooses to package as constituting legitimate news. We will discuss the fact that when a government "makes news", that news is usually illegitimate, it does not deserve to carry the label of news, specifically because the government has complete control over the news media. This creates a toxic, incestuous link between the news creator and the news reporter. We will discuss and define what types of events are genuinely newsworthy, and deserve to be reported as news, focusing upon the extremely difficult nature of making this determination, primarily because even societal events that can and do have a very major impact upon the lives of many people, and thus are newsworthy in this particular regard, are very often still totally saturated with governmental propaganda, in such a way that reporting the newsworthy event without also delivering the governmental propaganda to the viewers/readers, is extremely difficult.

We will discuss the fact that within ultra-diseased capitalistic societies, all owners of mainstream, major media outlets are in fact multi-millionaires, making them not only members of society, but financially empowered members of society who have an extreme, personal, vested interest in maintaining the illusion of legitimacy as well as the current operational structure, of their society/government. This is above and beyond the fact that they are beholden to and at the mercy of governmental leaders, in terms of retaining their mainstream media outlet status, without which their entire financial empire of wealth would likely crumble. We will discuss the fact that all news reporters who work for mainstream media outlets are under the direct control of this boss, the owner of their media company, and therefore it is literally impossible for any news reporter to ever deliver any type of genuine Truth in his reporting, on a nationwide or even a local level. We will discuss the fact that the president of the united states maintains control over exactly which media reporters are allowed to attend presidential news conferences, which reporters are allowed to have any type of regular access to him, and the absolute power to banish any reporter from this inner circle of access, whenever he chooses. Therefore an utterly perverse climate is created in which every news reporter who has such access feels terroristically compelled to literally prostitute himself to the president, trying desperately to remain in his good graces and avoiding all questions that involve the challenging of societal lies, myths, derangements, and hypocrisy, that the president is constantly delivering to the media and to all of these reporters, in propaganda form. We will discuss the fact that all governments engage in this fascist and terroristic media control, only difference being that america refuses to admit to it and overtly denies the Truth of it's news media being totally unfree. We will discuss how ultra-diseased societies cloak their media fascism, only allowing it to become undeniably obvious in certain situations, such as when the government is actively engaged in the insane war ritual. We will discuss how, during the insane war ritual, the government lets it's media fascism show, but tries to claim that the special circumstances and the need for "national security" justify the temporary restrictions on press freedom that are imposed. We will reveal the Truth that there is absolutely nothing "temporary" about this press fascism, it is constant, but usually, in non-wartime, ultra-diseased societies can and do successfully cloak their constant, ongoing media fascism from you citizen-slaves. We will also discuss the fact that it is not national security which prompts the even greater level of media fascism during wartime, but rather a desperate desire on the part of the government to hide and suppress the Truths of the mass murder and genocide, as well as other hypocritical, immoral atrocities that it is committing within the war ritual. We will discuss the fact that every american journalist must agree to abide by every demand laid down by the american military and it's leaders, proves beyond all doubt that the media is an agency of the government, totally and completely unfree at all times and in all situations, including non-wartime. More comments will be made on the manner in which an illusion of freedom is maintained, by shifting and cloaking the methods by which the government imposes it's media fascism, thus creating the false illusion that even if the military dictates all journalistic activity during wartime, the media is somehow given back it's journalistic freedom once the war is over. The utter hypocrisy and falsehood of this claim, will be exposed.

We will discuss what I consider to clearly be the single most outrageous and immoral journalistic betrayal of Truth within american society, and within most other societies, which is the pathetic willingness of the media to abide by judicial and prison system decrees which prohibit the photographing and videotaping of legal murders committed via the "death penalty" ritual, and additional judicial system/prison decrees which greatly limit and in some cases completely deny prisoners their first amendment and human right, to have regular, unlimited, uncensored access to all media sources and to all journalists. We will discuss the fact that there is literally nothing, no event or action, that could possibly be more newsworthy than the act of a society committing cold-blooded, deliberate murder upon it's very own tortured victim-creations/citizens, and therefore the willingness of the media to accept and abide by the utterly evil, completely fascist decree that the actual carrying out of these murders by their very own societies, cannot be properly reported upon via photographic and video recording of the murders as they take place, does much more than simply prove that the media enjoys absolutely no freedom and operates as an agency of the government It also proves that the entire mainstream media is utterly immoral and malevolent, on an individual as well as a collective, systemic basis. We will discuss the fact that the news media proves beyond all doubt that it has no interest in reporting news from any type of an accurate or Truth-based manner, no interest in reporting on actual, legitimate news even, based upon it's acceptance of this insane ban on photographing/videotaping the legal murders that their society is choosing to commit both in their names, and in your names, in the names of every single citizen-slave. We will further discuss how the ability of a government to limit and/or ban access by any specific human being to the media, and to likewise limit/ban access by the media to any specific human being, represents not only the ultimate in fascism, but proves beyond all doubt that no portion of the news media within such a society, can ever or does ever enjoy any type of journalistic freedom or autonomy. We will discuss the systemic lack of journalistic independence within ultra-diseased societies, as evidenced by the fact that literally all mainstream news sources choose to report upon and focus upon the exact same stories, even choosing to lead off their broadcasts or front pages with the exact same news story, and how this serves governmental purpose in terms of manipulating and directing the focus and attention of the public, upon a few specific news stories or issues. We will discuss the terroristic use of all media outlets, television news, radio, newspapers, news magazines, tv talk shows, etc..., by all governments, to impose upon citizen-slaves cultural ideologies and governmentally desired misdirection of focus away from the Forbidden Truths of life, upon such cultural excreta as patriotism, sports, and artificial alteration of brain chemistry, by packaging and falsely labeling this cultural excreta as constituting real and important news. We will resume our discussion of necessary media reforms, focusing upon the fact that it is totally impossible for the media itself to embrace or implement reform, because the media is an agency of the government, completely under governmental control, and therefore any type of reform of the media system would have to be based upon complete reform, in fact the destruction of, existing governmental structure. We will discuss the design and operational structure that a genuinely valid and Truth-based media would operate under, focusing upon the quest for and dissemination of genuine Truth being the single highest and most important obligation that a proper news media would have, with the exposure of any attempt by any entity, governmental or private, to impose lies, myths, or brainwashing upon the public, being the second most important job of a Superior media system. We will discuss why a superior news media would be Humanistic in nature,rather than nationalistic, and the profound structural changes that would be required to make this immense adjustment in operational structure. We will discuss the moral legitimacy of a Humanistic news media, as compared to the moral inferiority and illegitimacy of all nationalistic news media systems, and discuss the fact that currently, all news media systems, throughout this entire pathetic world, are nationalistic in both design and operational structure. We will discuss why a Superior news media would not cater to or pander to it's audience of viewers, readers, or listeners, but instead would be devoted to delivering Truth, regardless of whether a majority of human beings who have access to the media source desire to receive Truth. We will discuss why a legitimate news media would never adopt either a patriotic or a moralistic tone or slant, within any aspect of their reporting, regardless of the nature of the news story/event. We will discuss why a legitimate news media would never attempt to demonize any individual, and would never attempt to impose a value system or any type of behavioral/cultural set of rules upon it's audience. We will discuss the fact that the sole directive of a legitimate news media, would be to provide factual, Truth-based, unbiased information to it's audience, completely free of all governmental ideology and completely amoral in nature, because any attempt by any news media to either insert a moral agenda or an immoral agenda for that matter, into it's reporting, would automatically result in bias and an abandonment of the factual, ideologically neutral, Truth-based reporting that is the foremost obligation of any legitimate news media system.

Marc Lepine, Canadian mass murderer of women.
This is Marc Lepine, Tortured Victim-Creation of Canadian Society. The hypocrisy of you creatures is truly astonishing. You mass murder animals for sport, and even massacre them just for the sake of convenience via the "animal shelter" system, and yet at the same time you insanely claim to have a legitimate right to enact "animal cruelty" laws and inflict punitive punishment upon individuals who violate these laws, despite the fact that you yourselves are officially sponsoring and committing utter genocide upon animals. You specifically legalize, encourage, and undertake the most unjustifiable forms of murder imaginable, targeting helpless, womb-trapped children, foreigners who are complete strangers to you, your own most severely tortured children, for whose brutalization you bear complete guilt and responsibility, and yet in the same breath you enact laws giving yourselves permission to inflict punitive punishment upon individuals who undertake far more justifiable acts of murder. You declare, as official, legal policy for hundreds of years, that caucasian human beings may keep negro human beings as subhuman slaves, then arbitrarily reverse yourselves and pretend to have seen the error of your ways, terminating your own official laws in such a way that if any caucasian human in america today insists upon personally enslaving negroes, he will be demonized and punitively punished for doing the exact same thing that millions of caucasian americans proudly and with the complete authorization of the government did, for hundreds of years. You officially decree female humans to be utterly subhuman and to enjoy no human rights for many thousands of years, then you suddenly reverse yourselves, declaring to your male citizen-slaves that they now must begin providing females with token gestures of equality, even though if any male citizen-slave had treated females with such gestures of equality 200 years earlier, he would have been deemed mentally deranged. Let us clearly understand that none of these types of societal reforms, such as the moderation in societally sponsored racial and gender victimization that I have outlined above, represent any type of genuine moral advancement, or even a sincere recognition of previous official policy as having been malevolent and unjustifiable. No, your evil and diseased societies constantly and consistently embrace and practice genocide and mass injustice as official, legal policy, constantly finding new and even more immoral policies to adopt, even as they enact perversely hypocritical superficial reforms to some existing immoral policies, for the purpose of self-preservation, preventing internal revolution, and maintaining an illusion of moral decency for their brainwashed citizen-slaves. It is of course childhood torture which most primarily results in explosions of rage by individuals that society perversely labels as "criminal", but let us realize that the unnatural and capricious alterations in societal policy regarding which humans can legally be subhumanized, victimized, tortured, or murdered, are not only perverse, but they also can and do result in incredibly hypocritical injustices being committed upon individual torture victims, for committing "crimes" that 50-100 years earlier would have been officially decreed to be completely legal and non-criminal in nature.

Yes folks, there is a good reason for this preface of mine, and it concerns our latest Martyr, Marc Lepine. You see, Marc was born into and grew up within a society that had brutally subhumanized all female human beings for thousands of years. It was just Marc's bad luck that during his own youth, his diseased society was right in the middle of implementing some fairly major cosmetic alterations, to it's malevolent gender bias policies, and Martyr Marc was unable to accept and cope with these changes. As a result, he developed immense rage towards female members of his society, coming to believe that they were being granted unfair and unjust advantages in life, based upon the enduring history of systemically brutal gender bias that he was aware of and expected to reap the benefits of, in his own lifetime. Consequently, on a fateful day a little over a decade ago, Marc chose to express his True Reality by storming into a university in Montreal, Canada, and shooting dead 14 women, specifically and solely targeting females, yelling at them, "You're all a bunch of feminists, I hate feminists!" as he mowed them down. Here we see a good example of how diseased societies inspire homicidal rage within their citizen-slaves, as well as specific targeting of certain groups of victims, based upon hypocritical alteration of long-time societal policy. In this particular case, Marc knew, on an intellectual level, that his society had officially decreed female humans to be extremely and primarily inferior to male humans. And yet within his own short lifetime, he began to realize that this gender perk, enjoyed and claimed as perfectly valid and appropriate by Canadian males for hundreds of years, officially decreed by governmental and societal leaders as being perfectly valid and appropriate for many generations, would be compromised and denied to him. Had Marc been born 100 years earlier, it is virtually certain that he would not have targeted female members of his society in the manner that he did, simply because his society would have completely validated and rewarded him for considering and treating females as being utterly subhuman and having no type of claim to equality of any kind. Therefore, it is completely accurate to say that not only was Martyr Marc made into an enraged seeker of vengeance by his childhood victimization, as proven by the following statement made by his mother concerning the torture inflicted upon slave Marc by his father: "He would hit my son full in the face, which would leave marks for --sometimes for a week at a time," but also by the malevolent design structure of his society as regards the subhumanization of females for hundreds of years, followed by an unnatural and insincere effort to create an illusion of moral reform in order to appease the female population, when the females finally, after thousands of years of broken submission, found the courage to try and demand that they be given at least the illusion of equality in some aspects of societal life.

In the below quotes, written by Marc just prior to his explosion of gender-based rage, we are graced with a beautiful peek into the consequences of societal brainwashing and hypocritical betrayal of long-standing toxic ideologies which have been woven into the very fabric of a diseased culture. "Do any of you know why I'm here? I'm here to fight feminism!" "Forgive the mistakes, I only had 15 minutes to write this. See also Annex. Please note that if I am committing suicide today 89/12/06 it is not for economic reasons (for I have waited until I exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs) but for political reasons. For I have decided to send Ad Patres (Latin term meaning "to the fathers") the feminists who have ruined my life. It has been seven years that life does not bring me any joy and being totally blase, I have decided to put an end to those viragos. I had already tried as a youth to enlist in the Canadian Armed Forces as an officer cadet, which would have allowed me to enter the arsenal and precede Lortie in a rampage. They refused me because of asociality. So I waited until this day to carry out all my projects. In between, I continued my studies in a haphazard way for they never really interested me, knowing in advance my fate. Which did not prevent me from obtaining very good marks despite not handing in my theory assignments and studying little before exams. Even though the Mad Killer epithet will be attributed to me by the media, I consider myself a rational and erudite person that only the arrival of the Grim Reaper has forced to undertake extreme acts. For why persevere in existing if it is only to please the government? Being rather retrograde by nature (except for science), the feminists always have a talent for enraging me. They want to retain the advantages of being women (e.g. cheaper insurance, extended maternity leave preceded by a preventive leave) while trying to grab those of the men. Thus, it is self-evident that if the Olympic Games removed the Men/Women distinction, there would only be women in the graceful events. So the feminists are not fighting to remove that barrier. They are so opportunistic that they neglect to profit from the knowledge accumulated by men throughout the ages. They always try to misrepresent them every time they can. Thus, the other day, people were honoring the Canadian men and women who fought at the frontlines during the world wars. How does this sit with the fact that women were not authorized to go to the frontline at the time??? Will we hear of Caesar's female legions and female galley slaves who of course took up 50 per cent of history's ranks, although they never existed? A real Casus Belli. Sorry for this too brief letter." "Nearly died today. The lack of time (because I started too late) has allowed those radical feminists to survive. Alea Jacta EST." (Latin term meaning "The Die Are Cast")--------------------Marc Lepine.

Celebrity-Based Culture:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a definitional discussion of what celebrities are, and the purpose they serve within governmental structures. We will reveal and outline the fact of how governmental leaders, who are often seen and judged as being old-fashioned and out of touch with their citizen-slaves, particularly the younger generations of citizen-slaves, choose to create and then use charismatic, "hipper", professionally trained liars, usually younger than they are, to legitimize and disseminate their toxic, fascist governmental policies and ideologies, via the celebrity-based culture system. We will discuss how and why governmental leaders of society create celebrity leaders within their societies, and then use these charismatic celebrity leaders to deliver and impose invalid, untrue, and toxic ideological and behavioral "trends" upon the masses of citizen-slaves. This is commonly known as "pop-culture", however almost none of you creatures can even begin to realize that the government itself is promoting and imposing these pop culture ideologies, as you insanely come to believe that you are somehow rebelling against the government/establishment by following and mimicking your celebrity idols, who are in fact being manipulated and controlled by governmental leaders. We will discuss the fact that celebrities, more so than politicians or governmental leaders, are able to easily steer, guide, and control the life paths and adoption of ideological doctrine, of you citizen-slaves, and because of this power, governmental leaders insist upon controlling and dictating who becomes a top-level celebrity, and then either overtly or subliminally controlling/manipulating the ideological doctrines that celebrities promote. We will discuss the fact that governmental leaders, by virtue of having complete control over the mainstream media, have the power to easily take an unknow, obscure local entertainer or cultural commentator, and turn him into a highly influential national superstar, celebrity entertainer/figure. Via this same complete media control, as well as the diseased and corrupt judicial/legal system, the government can and does easily prevent all humans who seek to deliver governmentally undesired messages of Truth, from being able to reach a large audience, as well as being able to have their messages judged in an unbiased manner, because the government relentlessly demonizes, ridicules, and imposes cultural condemnation upon such Truth-tellers, morally terrorizing their citizen-slaves into rejecting any message that is delivered, together with making it impossible for the governmentally demonized Truth-teller to reach a wide audience. We will discuss the fact that many times it appears as though a superstar celebrity is delivering an ideological message, or pursuing a lifestyle, that is contrary to and conflicts with mainstream societal doctrine, but in point of fact there very often is no conflict, because governmental leaders of ultra-diseased societies know that certain segments of their population will only embrace a propaganda message if they believe it to be anti-establishment and in conflict with mainstream governmental policies. Therefore, they take a public position of criticizing, even condemning the ideological messages and lifestyles of these celebrities, even though they in fact do seek to get their citizen-slaves to embrace these messages and lifestyles, recognizing that the best way to control and dictate ideology/lifestyle to certain population segments, is to brainwash them into believing that they are rebelling against the government and against mainstream societal policy.

We will discuss at length, certain specific celebrity figures, such as Madonna, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, Michael Jordan, etc..., and the fact that these superstar celebrities are very specifically empowered by the government to win over and then to deliver ideological propaganda to a specific audience of citizen-slaves, in order to control and dictate, as well as satiate some of the rage and hate, of the specific population segment that is being targeted. We will discuss the fact that governmental propaganda is being disseminated, but it is very well cloaked, in such a way that certain population segments, such as those who are "fans" of Madonna, Jerry Springer, Michael Jordan, are completely unable to recognize that their celebrity idol, whom they perceive to be a hip, cool, radical, totally independent, anti-establishment figure, is in fact delivering mainstream governmental propaganda to their target audience. We will discuss the fact that some of these superstar celebrities are themselves genuinely unaware, on a conscious level, of the fact that they are being employed as governmental propaganda agents. We will discuss the fact that governmental leaders understand and accept the fact that it is impossible for them to make every single individual, at every age, into the "perfect" citizen-slave, and therefore a tremendously varied group of celebrity agents is developed, to appeal to every single population segment. The mission of these celebrity agents is to satiate and control/guide the emotions and the ideological lifestyle paths of particular population segments in a way that societal/governmental leaders feel is desirable, or if not desirable, than at the very least benign and harmless. We will discuss the politicization of celebrity, how and why governments encourage celebrities to publically demonstrate or reveal their political affiliation, as long as it is with a societally legitimized political party. In america this would be the democratic or republican parties. The primary reason for this is not because a particular politician or political party believes that he/it will win votes by receiving the public support of a celebrity, although this is a secondary benefit. The primary reason however, is that the government itself scores a tremendous victory in terms of establishing legitimacy among even the most disaffected and tortured population segments, anytime that any celebrity endorses any societally legitimized political party or candidate, because every superstar celebrity has masses of loyal fans who blindly follow whatever ideological/lifestyle path the celebrity declares/indicates to be appropriate.

We will discuss one of the most obvious examples of celebrity-based culture, and how celebrity-based culture overtly results in a devaluation of Self: The wearing of clothing by human beings, upon which is printed the name of a famous celebrity, famous team/organization, or famous designer. We will discuss why the universal popularity of such clothing, demonstrates a mentally ill hatred/devaluation of Self. We will discuss the fact that within a sane society, human beings would insist upon displaying their own name upon their clothing, if they are to display any name at all, and certainly not the name of any celebrity, "star", or group/organization. We will discuss the perversity of the fact that if a self-loving non-celebrity person were to prominantly display his own name upon his clothing, he would face cultural criticism and condemnation, be labelled a "weirdo" at best, even though he would be displaying behavior that is perfectly sane and appropriately self-loving, unlike the wearing of clothing which has the names of celebrities, stars, or designers printed on it, clothing which at least 98% of the celebrity-addicted citizenry wears with insane pride.

We will discuss the fact that just like sports obsession among you humans, already detailed at a previous essay, celebrity obsession serves as a marvelous tool of brainwashing and control, for the government, against you tortured, victimized, and oppressed citizen-slaves. We will discuss how, in getting you creatures to endlessly and mindlessly focus on and obsess over all of the meaningless minutia and trivial details of the lives of celebrities, you lose the ability and the initiative required to recognize, understand, and focus upon the horrific realities of your own day to day lives, and even more importantly, to focus upon the entities and institutions, such as your governments, that are primarily responsible for your past, present, and ongoing torturous victimization. We will discuss the fact that tabloid newspapers such as "The National Inquirer", as well as an entire group of daily television "celebrity news" shows such as "Inside Edition", "Entertainment Tonight", and "Access Hollywood", have been specifically designed and developed for the sole purpose of trying to addict/brainwash as many citizen-slaves as possible, into wasting their lives obsessively focusing upon the meaningless trivia of the lives of celebrities on a literal daily basis. We will discuss the fact that in a very real sense, societal leaders, in recognition of the fact that the "traditional" god myth is losing favor among certain population segments, are seeking to substitute celebrities for god, as best they can, in terms of getting citizen-slaves to mindlessly emulate as well as obsess over the minutia of celebrities, in the exact same fashion that traditional god freaks mindlessly try to win the favor of the god creature by obeying/emulating his "demands", as well as obsessively focusing upon the minutia of "holy" books such as the bible, on a daily, ongoing basis. We will discuss how the exact same malevolent societal goal is in play, to divert the attention of citizen-slaves away from the horrors and injustices of their lives, and from the incredibly brutal malice and immorality of their governments. We will discuss the fact that celebrity admiration/obsession/fanaticism by so-called "ordinary", non-famous humans, is in fact both a demonstration and a manifestation of self-hatred on the part of ordinary humans, and of the ego/self-love destruction that is committed by your societies against all children. We will discuss why fake television courtroom shows, as well as the televising of real trials on Court TV, and malevolent reality-based television shows such as "America's Most Wanted" are extremely popular, linking the popularity of these perverse broadcasts not only to an insane obsession on your part to demonize your own tortured victim-creations and revel in their suffering and punishment, but also to the artificial societal creation of fake "crimefighter celebrities, in the form of celebrity court judges such as judge Judy, judge Wapner, the Divorce Court show, judge Hatchett, etc..., as well as homicidally enraged opportunists such as John Walsh and Marc Klass. We will discuss why your evil societies create these celebrity crimefighters and encourage you creatures to cathartically identify with these evil societal agents and savor their public demonization of tortured victim-creations of your societies. We will discuss the fact that most celebrities are not overtly malevolent, but are rendered severely mentally ill, as a result of the completely overwhelming, unnatural, and undeserved fame and fanatic devotion that is thrust upon them by their societal leaders. We will discuss at length the issue of why celebrities attract stalkers and attackers, focusing upon the fact that the entire design structure of celebrity-based culture, is set up to encourage and invite fanatical, irrational, insane obsession and devotion from "fans" who are, just like the vast majority of all citizen-slaves, filled with suppressed rage and hate, and it is only natural, a natural outgrowth of this diseased structure, that a certain percentage of these fans will feel compelled to try and reflect their rage upon the celebrity that their society has emotionally addicted them to. We will discuss the fact that within any sane society, every individual human being would recognize himself, on an emotionally sincere level, to be the most important, the most fascinating, and the most admirable/lovable creature alive on planet earth. This realization would result in the collapse of all celebrity-based cultural systems, based upon termination of the ability of governmental and societal leaders to brainwash citizens into embracing the insane notion that they should and need to become emotionally addicted to caring about, obsessing over, and trying to live their lives vicariously through, celebrity creations of the government and of societal leaders.

Howard Unruh, 1949 mass murderer, father of modern era mass murder in america
This is Howard Unruh, Tortured Victim-Creation of the Diseased Military and Cultural System of America. I do believe that I have already mentioned Martyr Howard several times, in previous essays. Truly, as a consequence of his 1949 explosion of homicidal rage, Howard deserves to be recognized as being the "father" of the Modern Era lone attacker mass murder movement, within america. There are so many fascinating facts and details to Howard's life, that I strongly urge all of you to devote some time to researching and uncovering the remarkable saga of his torturous life path of societal victimization. Unfortunately, no book has been published which is devoted exclusively to Howard, and even online resources, insofar as providing comprehensive details of his life journey, are fairly limited. As a result, I will provide a link below, to an absolutely wonderful news article that was written way back in 1949, just one or two days after our Martyr's rampage of True Reality rage. This specific article in fact won a journalism award, just a few years ago it was voted one of the 100 best news journalism articles to have ever been written in the entire 20th century, and I would certainly have to agree that this honor was well-deserved. So, before I offer up my brilliant commentary and insight, I would like to direct you creatures to this article:

Howard expresses his True Reality, as instilled within him by the ultra-diseased society of america

One important correction though, this article, written just 24-48 hours after the incident, informs us that Howard killed 12, but in fact a 13th shot victim died very soon after this article was published, giving Howard a total of 13 fatal harvestees. Martyr Howard was not simply an enlistee of the insane and evil american military system, he was a top level army sniper, specifically trained not merely to murder complete strangers at close range, but rather to murder complete complete strangers who were located hundreds of yards away from Howard. His society not only authorized Howard to massacre complete strangers, it ordered him to do so, praised him for doing so, and rewarded him for doing so. Make no mistake folks, the genocide that america committed during world war 2 was not only completely unjustified, but this war ranks as among the most unprovoked and genocidally harmful to the american public, of all the dozens of constant, ongoing wars that the ultra-diseased and evil government of america has chosen to undertake and engage in. Understand that the increase in "illegal" violence within american society beginning in the late 1960's is a direct result of the consequences of the first generation of child-slaves born to homicidally enraged, mentally deranged, and emotionally crippled world war 2 veterans, being subjected to utterly torturous victimization, on a mass scale, by the millions of world war 2 societal torture victims who were forced to serve as soldiers and commit atrocities on behalf of their government. All that Howard did in his pioneering 1949 "illegal" killing spree, in addition to expressing his True Reality of course, was to copy, mimic, and emulate the legal murders that his society ordered him to commit, praised him for committing, and rewarded him for committing, during world war 2. You diseased hypocrites insanely decreed Howard to be mentally deranged as a result of his illegal killing spree, and yet the Truth of the matter is that whatever mental illness Howard may have been suffering from, was directly instilled within him by the mentally deranged policies of american society, that were imposed upon him with limitless malice throughout his childhood and young adulthood. And on top of this Truth, we are left with the crystal clear fact that the war ritual itself is an expression of ultimate societal/governmental insanity/derangement. Of course a great many children who are terroristically forced by their government to participate in the insane war ritual, become insane, homicidal, soul-dead, soul-crippled, emotionally crippled, obsessed with victimized other human beings for the rest of their lives. This is because the war ritual itself, is an act of child genocide, undertaken by the government against it's own tortured children. You adult creatures choose to commit genocide upon your own children, in order to satiate your own suppressed homicidal rage and mentally ill terrors. So let us recognize Martyr Howard as being the ultimate victim, and a genuine Seer of Truth simply by virtue of his life path of personal torment, societal victimization, and cathartic vengeance via a reflective explosion of justified rage against his own society.

Another detail of Howard's life that we need to recognize and honor, is the indomitable human spirit for survival that he manifests. Still a mere child, in his middle 20's, back in 1949 when Howard earned his place on the true crime landscape, Howard was rather quickly declared mentally incompetent to stand trial and thrown into a psychiatric prison. I am convinced that the reason the government allowed Howard to avoid a criminal trial was because leaders realized that a few members of the totally naive, gullible, and societally addicted public of the late 1940's, might come to recognize that what Howard did was more justifiable than what the government does during wartime, if a lengthy trial was allowed to take place. Anyway, the important point I need to make is that as of the year 2000, and I assume to this current date of early 2002 as well, since I have not heard or read otherwise, Martyr Howard is still alive and well! Perversely he does remain punitively locked up in a psychiatric prison, but this does not detract from the glorious fact that Howard has enjoyed over five decades, fifty+ years of hopefully pleasurable and content enjoyment of life, after his 1949 rampage. This is a True testament to the human spirit, a demonstration of how valuable and wonderful self-love and self-preservation is. So to all of you diseased creatures who feel that "prison is worse than death", "poverty is worse than death", "living under the regime of a different government is worse than death", etc..., and to those of you who have tried, considered or will consider self-murdering or otherwise overtly harming yourselves, I can only shake my head in pity and amazement at your profound stupidity and inferiority, and hold up Martyr Howard as a beautiful example and demonstration of the value and the glory of embracing, protecting, and preserving your own life, at all times, in all circumstances, and at all costs. Think of the time, 50+ years, of complete relaxation, freedom to immerse himself in his True Reality, no financial terrorism, no sacred family unit obligations, no ability by society to impose it's toxic agendas upon him, beyond the one brutal injustice of physical confinement, that Howard has enjoyed. Let us salute the remarkable life path of this pioneering seer of Truth.

The final few sentences from the above article are quite instructive. They read: But all day River Road and the side streets talked of nothing else. The shock was great. Men and women kept saying: "We can't understand it. Just don't get it." Pitiful! It's so simple, the Truth is so obvious, it is glaringly obvious, it stares you in the face, it literally throws itself at you! But all that you can say is that you can't understand, you don't get it. This is your constant mantra, whenever you are confronted with Truth. And you are usually not lying, at least not on a conscious level, when you make this claim. "How strange, how bizarre! He killed complete strangers, a bunch of them, he must be crazy, I don't understand it!" The reason why you don't understand is because Truth is your mortal enemy. You have been stripped by your evil societies of the ability to recognize even the most obvious of Truths, to establish even the simplest of connections between the limitless evil of your societies, and the reflective expressions of torment by the tortured victim-creations of your societies. You spend your lives on a desperate odyssey of flight, hiding from and rejecting all Truth at every turn, exactly as you have been instructed to do by your society since the very first day of your birth. "I can't understand it! I just don't get it! My society commits, sponsors, encourages, praises, and rewards the commission of the most immoral and genocidal forms of murder, and yet when a victim-creation of my society reflects just a tiny bit of his own tortured True Reality by killing some folks, a victim who in fact was himself personally enticed and compelled by my society into committing ongoing murder of complete strangers, my only possible reaction is shock, amazement, and confusion." This is your sincere mindset, and you know what, it doesn't just prove that you are extremely stupid and totally brainwashed by society, it also proves that you are profoundly mentally ill, all of you creatures. Some Truths are so blatantly obvious, that only severe mental dysfunction, clearly caused by societal brainwashing as well as genetic stupidity, but worthy of being classified as aa affliction of severe mental dysfunction in and of itself, can accurately describe the mindset of any indivual who cannot grasp or understand such Truths. So if anyone deserves to be locked in a cage due to mental illness/derangement, it is not Howard Unruh, but rather each and every one of you creatures who choose to live as members of the most homicidally immoral society on planet earth, and yet in the same breath proclaim your inability to understand or grasp the legitimacy of a tortured victim-creation of your society, forced to commit murder on your behalf, reflecting back at you just a tiny bit of the torment and victimization that you chose and continue to choose to inflict upon every single child born into your society.

"When I came home last night and found my gate had been taken, I decided to shoot all of them so I would get the right one." "I shot them in the chest first, and then I aimed for the head." "I'd have killed a thousand if I'd had bullets enough." "I'm no psycho. I have a good mind."------------------Howard Unruh.

Age/Maturity Hypocrisy:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a very detailed discussion of how human beings age and mature, focusing upon the fact that no human being can reach genuine maturity prior to age 28, and therefore all of societies cultural, judicial, and behavioral coming of age rituals and policies are not only utterly invalid, but genocidally abusive towards immature children. We will discuss the fact that any sane human society would have a uniform age of adulthood, for all mature activities such as driving a car, voting, being allowed to engage in toxic rituals such as smoking, serving in the military, or getting married, and this age of adulthood would be between 28 and 32, depending upon the final results of legitimate scientific inquiry into the exact age when most individuals reach mental and emotional maturity. We will begin to outline the limitlessly evil hypocrisy that is involved in governmental decrees of adulthood, exposing all such decrees as being utterly and completely false and invalid. We will discuss the genocidally malevolent reasons for why the government chooses to establish no uniform, standardized age of adulthood, but rather to create a hodgepodge of differing minimum adulthood ages, for all sorts of different activities, such as driving a car, enlisting in the military, voting, being treated as an adult by the judicial system, etc... We will discuss the fact that each and every one of these adulthood age minimums engaging in specific activities, is overtly and specifically designed to cause genocidal harm to children, and is reflective of the utter malice, insanity, and perversity of human society. We will discuss the fact that notwithstanding the immense hypocrisy of these overtly evil minimum age of adulthood distinctions, none of these age distinctions have any validity or legitimacy, since even at age 21, the notion that a human being has reached psychological or emotional maturity, is ludicrous.

We will comprehensively list and discuss the ages for when children in america are legally decreed to be adults, and given the legal rights and responsibilities that come with adulthood. We will discuss the toxic brainwashing of society and the government, which causes children to become obsessed with being decreed to be adults, even though this is a horrific fate that merely marks the transition of children from being child-slaves, relentlessly brutalized by their parents and other older adults, to being citizen-slaves, when their relentless brutalization and victimization is officially taken over by the government. We will discuss the fact that within a sane and moral society, which treated children as being more than subhuman, worthless slaves, children would relish carrying the label of child, and although they would be able to easily transition to adulthood at their proper maturity age of 28-32, there would be no unnatural, in reality desperate eagerness and obsession to escape from childhood by being declared adults, which characterizes the lives of literally each and every child currently alive, who is living in a so-called "civilized", first-world society. We will discuss the fact that all children within such societies are desperately eager to become adults, and this, in and of itself, proves not only that these societies are practicing mass, genocidal, universal brutalization of all children born into and living within such societies, but further, that such societies are so diseased and evil that they do not deserve to continue to exist. We will metaphorically compare the desperation that children feel to reach adulthood as quickly as they possibly can, with the desperation that an adult trapped inside a burning building would feel, to escape from the building. We will discuss the utterly perverse reality, that the so-called "adult freedoms and rights" that societies brainwash their children into becoming desperately obsessed with attaining, in reality consist of brutal, lifelong, unnatural obligations, burdens, and victimizations, some of which are permanently crippling and even fatal, that societies are determined to impose upon all citizen-slaves at as young an age as they can, in order to squeeze as much productivity and slave labor out of every human being as is possible. We will discuss the fact that within capitalistic societies, this child brainwashing and brutalization process is far more malicious, because one of the primary motivations behind the perverse age/maturity hypocrisy system, is economic exploitation, and within capitalistic societies, it is not merely the government which inflicts genocidal economic exploitation upon al children, but rather each and every adult and each and every private business enterprise, is encouraged and told to use economic exploitation against children, literally driving them to insanity as part of the process of convincing them to pursue adult activities, goals, and lifestyles, while they are still totally immature children. We will discuss the maturation process, how the brains of children and human beings mature, and why children born into third world countries do reach genuine mental maturity several years prior to children born into ultra-diseased "civilized" societies such as america, but still well past the age of 21. It is not because children in third world countries are subjected to more hardship and therefore "must" mature faster in order to survive, but rather because children born into such societies are subjected to less severe, less constant torture and brainwashing, and allowed to naturally mature at a more normal pace and within a less deranged societal environment. We will discuss the hypocritical duality of your evil societies on one hand being desperately eager to keep children as children, because they are officially decreed to be subhuman, worthless, to enjoy absolutely no human or legal rights, and to be available for merciless Poison Container victimization by adults, for as long as they stay labeled as children, while on the other hand your evil societies are desperately eager to declare children to be adults, so that they can be genocidally victimized and economically poisoned in many other types of ways, such as being officially obligated to die on behalf of their society, via military service, and to be officially demonized as "evil monsters" who deserve a lifetime of punitive punishment, if they dare to reflect back at their tormentors just a tiny bit of the lifetime of daily victimization that they have been subjected to for their entire childhoods. We will discuss exactly how this perverse duality is reflected via the deliberate lack of any uniform age of adulthood, why society and the government specifically choose to reject a uniform age of adulthood, and instead create a system that is designed to both maximize the genocidal victimization of children by refusing to grant children any genuinely useful or valuable adult rights or protections until they reach age 21, while at the same time maximizing the genocidal victimization of children by decreeing them to be adults prior to reaching age 21, as regards the most harmful and unjust types of victimization imaginable, such as military service, forcing your children to die on your behalf, criminal prosecution, forcing your own tortured children to serve as sacrificial lambs so that you can retain the illusion of moral decency by pinning a label of "evil predator" upon your child torture victims, and getting your tortured children to begin laboring as employee-slaves at as young an age as you possibly can, so that you can squeeze every last drop of economic productivity out of every slave.

We will very specifically dissect the remarkable, literally astounding demonstration of malevolent hypocrisy as regards the minimum military enlistment age, and the minimum age when children can be and are treated as adults by the judicial system, exposing these two examples of societal/governmental perversity regarding human age/maturity, as exemplifying the absolute pinnacle of societal evil, as tortured children, even prior to reaching the official age of legal adulthood, age 21, have their lives sacrificed and destroyed by the very same society, at the very same time, which decrees them to not be adults, but rather still children, with regard to it's very own judicial laws which prohibits children from drinking alcohol, or serving as elected officials, prior to reaching at least the age of 21. We will discuss the very interesting issue of why, in 1970, the american government did choose to lower the minimum voting age from 21 to 18, exposing this reduction as being motivated not by any type of moral or equitable reform, but rather as being yet another example of how fluidly evil societies manipulate and change their own operational systems in order to confuse, appease, and create a false illusion of ethical evolution within their populace of citizen-slaves. We will discuss the moral mandate that every sane and legitimate society would embrace, to always err on the side of caution in terms of establishing an age of adulthood/maturity, and why this moral mandate would require a minimum age of 28 as being the lowest possible consideration, with a minimum age of 32 being more appropriate. We will discuss how the choice by your societies to do the exact opposite, to shamelessly and with genocidal malice violate it's own ridiculously invalid minimum adulthood age of 21 as regards issues such as criminal prosecution and military enlistment torture, proves that your societies are unworthy of continuing to exist and exert their malevolently genocidal rule over helpless, tortured, children. We will discuss yet again, at length, the design structure and the psychological motivations behind the ritualized sacrifice of children as a core public policy initiative embraced and undertaken by governmental and societal leaders. We will discuss at length the utter immorality and malice displayed by adult societal leaders against all children born into and living within their societies, in exploiting and taking advantage of the intellectual, emotional, and psychological immaturity of children, to genocidally harmful effect. We will discuss the fact that leaders of society are completely aware that the children that they choose to impose adult responsibilities upon, are in fact children, more gullible, less introspective, less intellectually mature, less able to resist and deny their immediate impulses, less able to recognize and appreciate the realities of death, less able to rationally think through all of the potential consequences and personal dangers of the ideologies and actions that their societal leaders terroristically brainwash/compel them into agreeing to embrace and undertake. We will discuss the fact that specifically because adult leaders of society/government recognize and are aware of these facts, and further recognize that genocidally victimizing actual mature adults is significantly more difficult than victimizing immature children, the supremely malevolent decision is made to target the children, by cloaking them in an insane illusion of adulthood, as well as convincing them that adulthood is a wonderful thing and they should always embrace every "opportunity" given to them, to claim adulthood status. We will discuss why the perverse granting of adulthood status to children prior to age 21, is specifically reserved for situations in which such granting of adulthood status is able to facilitate the mass brutalization, exploitation, and lifelong physical, psychological, and emotional crippling and murder of children.

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